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Desert Lightning - Art Print Framed

Desert Lightning - Art Print Framed

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Desert Lightning

Framed Art Print

by Cyberidian

Beneath the desert sky, the stars ignite, A symphony of light in the cool, dark night, The moon casts shadows on the dunes below, And the sand sparkles with a heavenly glow. Experience the striking beauty of the Desert Lightning art print. This mesmerizing piece captures the power and abstraction of fractal lightning over a serene desert landscape. Add a touch of natural drama to your space with this exclusive and luxurious statement piece.

Framed Archival Matte Print. 0.875" Frame in Black or White with 1" Mat and  hanging wire on back for easy hanging.

Artwork created by Cyberidian. Copyright© Cyberidian 2023-2024. All rights reserved.

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